A Letter From the Stable

In those days that I created the world, I knew that the creation would be filled with pain, suffering and sin.

I knew that the creation would be also be a place of beauty, elegance, wonder and excitement.

For nothing I have ever created is imperfect.

But all perfect, even if you do not understand it.

In the beginning I took six days to create a wondrous place filled with perfect peace and love.

In fact, love was the foundation of the Creation, and all that I have ever done.

So, I created in love.

First, I created light.

So that all could be seen.

So that nothing would be hidden.

Secondly, I created a great expanse called sky.

It was to surround the earth.

To provide air, rain and beauty.

Thirdly I made the waters and vegetation.

To grow and be beautiful.

To sustain life and to do it abundantly.

Fourthly I created the stars.

Beautiful lights, worlds of the unknown, my creativity unleashed.

For my creation cannot be limited.

Fifthly I put life in the seas and on the ground.

It was paradise streaming with life.

Swimming, flying, walking, running.

Sixth, I created a masterpiece … man.

Made in my own image.

Filled with beauty and wonder.

Free will and choices.

And on the seventh day I watched, enjoyed and saw that all that was created was perfect and filled with my love.

When I created man out of my great love I created life in my own image.

In the image of perfection, deity and love.

When I created Adam, I created him with all of the characteristics of Myself.

Perfect yet human.

The same, but less.

An image, but different.

As an artist expresses his love through paint, I expressed mine through flesh and blood.

Perfect yet imperfect.

The love that I created Adam with had the ability to chose.

You see, love is partly a choice.

You can choose to love, or you can choose not to.

Humankind has today become so familiar with the choice not to.

You know it as “hate” or “indifference.”

These are simply a words that are used to describe the absence of love.

And that absence is by choice.

Adam had love in his heart like mine but he struggled with the aspect of choice.

This was not unexpected, but actually part of the growth process for what I created in my own image.

I have never chosen unwisely or sinfully.

My choices are based on my love.

My love is sacrificial, always putting others before myself.

Adam chose himself first long before he ever ate of the forbidden fruit.

This was the beginning of the journey humankind had to go on.

But love is meant to be shared, thus my motivation to create life.

I wanted to fulfill the love that I am by sharing myself with others.

And let others share the love that is in themselves.

Adam and I had a perfect relationship but the love in his heart was bursting to be brought forward, so I created for him a partner with which to share.

Eve was a beautiful example of myself also.

Made in my image, yet different than man.

She knew love and expressed love in other ways than Adam.

And she was a pure joy to both of our hearts.

But the love inside of her encompassed free will and choice also

She was free to make her own decisions on how she would live.

How she would express her love.

She, like Adam, was completely free to chose.

All of my creation was beautiful and perfect.

The heavens, the earth, the living creatures, the angelic realm and humankind.

For love to be perfect, it has to be free.

Love has to have the opportunity to express itself in many ways.

It has to have the opportunity to fulfill itself.

It has to be able to fill others as it empties itself.

But where free will exist, the opportunity for corruption exist.

Where free will and love intersect, choices can collide.

It is the choice that love by nature must make.

So, because of free will the creation started to fall.

Not unexpected, but expected.

But tempered by my unfailing love and provision.

The heavenly realm too saw corruption.

The corruption of many angelic members of my family.

And humankind was led into this corruption ignited by one that I love so dearly.

His name is Lucifer.

He was perfect in all of his ways.

He was beautiful, exquisite and precious in all ways.

Yet selfishness, vanity and arrogance influenced him to rebel.

And in that rebellion Lucifer influenced so many of my lovely family to rebel also.

Many of the angelic beings made in my image also.

I would forgive them, but they were unwilling to return to me.

In my unfailing love I have been walking with humankind on a journey of suffering.

Many believe that I have been indifferent to the plight of pain of humankind.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

I have felt every illness.

I have suffered through every loss.

Experienced every death.

And I have cried every tear along with humankind.

You see, I am a loving God, and cannot leave or abandon my family in anyway.

I love them, especially you.

So, before time began, I established a pact within myself.

I swore an oath that could never be broken.

I would offer myself for the redemption of my creation.

Humankind, my so dearly loved family.

When the time was right, when enough of history had been accomplished, when my people were broken enough to look beyond themselves, I came into the world to die.

I came as an infant.

But I was never focused on the death of myself, through my Son.

I have always been focused on the life filled with love that was intended from the beginning.

I’ve been focused on restoring my children.

But just like yeast causes bread to rise, love must overcome the ability to choose anything other than Me.

You see you were created to be in a perfect loving relationship with me.

You were created to find your identity in Me.

And in that relationship perfection is found.

Perfect peace, love, contentment, purpose, enjoyment and existence.

But you have to learn to love Me enough to trust.

And trust enough to allow my will to guide your free will.

All because of the love I have placed in your very being.

In my perfect love I chose to enter the world in the worst way possible.

Not to claim your love but simply to offer mine.

I came as a helpless infant of an unwed mother.

Helpless, human and in love with you.

Willing in my perfect love to sacrifice and to lead you amidst your rebellion back to me.

There were two that I brought together for this purpose.

Mary and Joseph.

Mary was so young and Joseph so caring.

I knew that it would not have made any sense to them to tell them more than I did.

I kept them in the dark most of the time, not wanting to create in them a heart of anything less than total devotion to me out of love.

Mary and joseph accepted the lot for their lives… as I knew they would.

They learned more and more, in every step, how to trust me.

But this lesson of trust was not without immense difficult pain.

A pain that I experienced with them.

You see, I never leave my children, never.

Finally, the day arrived for my entrance.

The angels in heaven were stunned when I told them that there would be no fanfare.

No news coverage, no royalty, just animals, the damp air and a feeding trough.

This was a time of excitement both in heaven and on earth.

And poor Gabriel was just beside himself.

He just couldn’t just stand by without telling someone.

So, with my blessing I sent him to visit the shepherds.

They were both stunned and excited.

And he was so full of joy and excitement.

So, I came into the world amidst great pain and suffering.

There were few that realized what was going on.

And sadly a few that sought to slaughter the masses because of the fear of what I might do to their so-called kingdoms.

You see, at this point love had collapsed in the human heart and had been overtaken by self-centeredness, hypocrisy and self-adoration.

Loving one’s self is the product of a heart that no longer focuses on me.

It is a heart that only is self-seeking, not sacrificial.

In the self-seeking heart true contentment can never be found.

For it does not exist outside of a loving relationship with me.

This was the beginning of a short life that I would live in the physical world I created.

It was a life spent in total anticipation of your acceptance of the love I brought to the earth.

Godly love.

A love to renew your heart.

This love was not without the highest of cost.

It would cost me my life.

It would cost me the life of my dearest Son.

It would cost me everything.

I don’t expect you to understand what this cost really was.

Just understand that I held back nothing and gave up everything.

The pinnacle of this love was shown on that lonely night.

In the midst of the damp cold air.

While the animals were restless and Joseph’s heart was filled with anxiety and anxiousness.

And Mary’s heart just prayed.

On that night I too was filled with loving anguish, looking forward to every person that would eventually say “Yes” to a relationship with me.

And suffering the weight of those that would not.

So, on this day of remembrance.

At this time of celebration.

Will you come back to me?

Not just in word or motivation.

But in heart and action.

Will you give up everything like I have for the sake of what I first created you to experience?

My love, in a perfect place

In perfect union with each other.

Tonight, will you choose Me?

Will you?

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