Pure …

The room was dark, and machines worked together in an unnerving melody pumping air where it would not go without help.   The rhythm of pumps and motors combined with the stench of urine and alcohol swabs made her stomach sour.   But still she was determined to see for herself what she knew her parents were holding back.   Her brother Michael was hospitalized with something that she couldn’t begin to pronounce, yet understand.   And all seemed without hope.

As she entered, she heard a few of the prayer cards fall from the shelf.   They were a stark reminder that all hope was about abandoned, it was now totally up to God.   But where was God?   Why wasn’t He doing something?   What would it take for Him to save her brother?   A few more cards fell.   The room was cold, dark and reminded her of a tomb.   She was reminder of the tomb Jesus was in.   Surely, if Jesus could rise from His tomb, He could release her brother from his.

It seemed like hours that she stood there in silent agony.   Her eyes welling up and her lips quivering as she watched him struggle to breathe, she said a silent prayer.   It seemed as they had tried everything, and nothing was bringing the results they were hoping and praying for.  

The next morning, she was there when the medical staff made their rounds.   Her mother broke into wails of agony when they announced that a blood transfusion was his best hope, but his blood type was rare.   So, they suggested that the immediate family be tested for a possible match.   Mother, no.   Father, no.   Brother, no.   After an eternity it was her turn.   Sister, Yes.  

Relief and fear struck the room, like a blast of sulfur on which to breathe.   They were gasping for any air of hope that was possible.   So, she anxiously agreed to the removal of blood for her brothers needs.   She had never done anything like this before, much less been asked to give something so precious.   She looked into his face and found the courage to continue.

In a separate room the stage was set.   All of the medical equipment necessary was wheeled in like a caravan of train cars bringing the circus to town.   The noise of the machines became entwined with the rolling of carts and a commotion two rooms down.   This was not a happy occasion.   This was an occasion where she was being pushed to her limits.   There was no joy, no relief, only anxiety, fear and nervous perspiration.

The nurse tried to make lite of what was going to happen, in fact she calmly said “poke.”   As if that would help.   But it didn’t, in fact it only made things worse.   Now she was pale, ill and ready to vomit, but it had been a long time since she had eaten.   She started to shake and the nurse patted her hand and said; “It’s OK, its almost over.” 

With sadness overtaking her spirit she stared into the nurse’s eyes.   “How long before I die?”   And the room fell silent.

John 15:13 The greatest love you can have for your another is to give your life for them.

Because of her love for her brother, today they enjoy a special relationship, one that most never experience.   Jesus, you’re friend, your sibling, you’re brother, has done the same for you.

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