Yes, I love all of the promises that scripture tells us are in the heart of God for us.   God has wonderful plans for each one of us, and in scripture we read that we can trust in Him regardless of how unusual or out of the box those promises are.   God has offered us His best, forgiveness, eternal life, perfect purpose and relationship with our Creator.   Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

It sometimes seems strange to me, that the Creator God, who really needs nothing, would sacrifice all that He did to save me!   Why?   What the heck did I do to deserve this?   If anything, I’ve done things that would make me less worthy of God’s rich blessings!   But God is a strange and mysterious God.  

When I read the Bible, God’s love letter to humanity, I read about all of the wondrous things God has planned for me.   A life without pain, without suffering and without tears.   Eternal life encapsulated in perfect purpose and fulfillment.   Joy unspeakable and contentment with all things.   God offers to me an eternal life that is beyond human comprehension and explanation, and is a life that He always intended me to have.  

This should motivate me to extreme enthusiasm and excitement.   I should be climbing the walls with this realization, chomping at the bit to tells others what good things await me in the future, all provided by God who paid a price extreme just to get me back home.    Wow, just let that sink in a while.

All of this is what God has done for me, what God has provided for me, what God offers to all that will trust in Him explicitly.   But I’m called not to just receive these unearned gifts from God, but to respond to them in ways that honor Him.   I am supposed to cross the street of priority, setting my agenda aside, to help someone who is less fortunate that me.   I am called to be attentive to the strife of others around me, and to freely and joyfully respond to their needs because of what God has done for me.   I am called to share my abundance with others, not by writing a check and disappearing into the shadows again, but to actively engage others witnessing to them my joy, faith and trust in who God is.  I am called to relinquish my sense of control and ownership of God’s resources for the sake of allowing others to expand their horizons of faith.   I am called to be humble, considering others above myself, so that the body of Christ may be continually built up and supported.   I am called to remove gossip, haughtiness’ and pride from my heart in order to help others see the glory of God.   Like John the Baptist, I am called to become less so that Christ can become more in the lives and hearts around me.

So, when I find myself willing to do certain things for God, but not all things, especially the ones I hold on to that make me feel good, I have to reconsider my Christian walk.   Am I on the right path?   Am I hearing God’s Word and applying it to my behaviors?   Or am I lying to myself?

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