When God Created …

When God created human beings, He created imperfect life in a perfect setting and existence.   He created flawed human beings that started experiencing trouble from the very get-go.   Let me explain.

First, God created Adam from the dust of the earth.   A miraculous feat!   He created Adam during the time He was creating the earth and sky.   However, there were not any trees or grasses in the land until after Adam had been created if I read the Garden account correctly.   I wonder if Adam had any input into the kind of garden that God was going to plant?   Colors, design or texture.   Regardless, God planted a garden that grew and was beautiful and He placed Adam in the midst of it for a purpose.   Adam had certain responsibilities and a reason for his life.   He was to “work the ground and keep it in order,” as we read in the Message version of Genesis 2.  

So, God has Adam continue His work in the garden while plants were growing, being created and being designed.   God also established something for the first time in Adams life: things you cannot do.   Do this and that, but don’t do that one thing!

Genesis 2:16-17 God commanded the Man, “You can eat from any tree in the garden, except from the Tree-of-Knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil. Don’t eat from it. The moment you eat from that tree, you’re dead.”

I wonder if Adam knew what God was talking about?   What experiences had he had that would give him an understanding regarding the concept of being “dead?”   Had Adam ever seen anything dead before?   How did Adam react to this, it certainly must have been a bit out of character in their relationship?   Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying God didn’t do everything perfectly, I’m just wondering what kind of learning process Adam must have gone through prior.   Whatever the process it appears that Adam was not completely content in his heart.   Something was missing.   He had purpose and relationship with God, but something was still missing, or was he looking in the wrong places?

Immediately after placing Adam in the Garden of Eden to care for it, God recognized the need in Adams heart for a companion, a helper, a mate, another human being with different characteristics.   Adam needed another person for relationship.   So, Adam was put to sleep and God formed a woman as his helper.   What a beautiful picture this represents.   Evidently God was quite familiar with Adams need for companionship and purpose, therefore the reason for working in the Garden and the introduction of a helpmate.   God knew, that all of humankind, beginning with Adam, was in dire need of purpose and meaning through relationships, and that those relationships needed to be sought out carefully.

Where do I find them?   First and supremely, we need a relationship with our creator to know and understand our purpose and worth.   Nowhere else do we find that other than through our relationship with God.   Yes, we might look in a lot of other places or even in other people, but nothing can complete the human existence as an intimate relationship with the Creator, the One from whom we receive our value and worth.   Secondly, we need relationships with others around us.   It’s the way we are wired.   The key here is to choose wisely.   Chose God, and chose godly people for close intimate personal relationships.

The emptiness that Adam was experiencing in the Garden of Eden left him with that choice.   He could search to fill the emptiness through his relationship with God or he could look elsewhere.   But as we see, his choices were a bit limited.   He had God, Eve and lots of animals!   Why in the world were they drawn to listening to a serpent, a snake?   In a moment of weakness and deception Adam and Eve made a series of bad choices.  They listened to the serpent.   Not a godly choice but a flawed one!

As relational human beings it appears, we are all still on the same journey towards contentment and purpose.   We are searching.   Searching everywhere and inside the strangest places.   There is an emptiness found in the human heart that causes us to look outside of ourselves at times for purpose and value.   The problem we run into is that the solution is not found in the world or other people, its only found in a loving relationship with our Creator.   He is that answer!   It is God that has established our worth, our value, which He has placed on a scale where we are found valuable enough to die for.   Just sayin …

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