Do It God’s Way

“Doing What It Says” means taking God at face value.   It means that God is still on the throne, holy and perfect and does not need our help in guiding the world toward holiness; we just need to accept His definition of it.   In becoming devoted Disciples of Jesus Christ, we need to accept God’s guidelines for what is acceptable behavior and what is not.   Just because we “feel” a certain way or because we were “born” a certain way does not give us the right to call it “normal” or “acceptable.”   We were born in sin and consequently many of our feelings, desires, understandings etc. are sinful in nature.  

I’m sure that Moses didn’t agree with God on many things.   Was it fair that God sent all of those plagues?   Was it right that God drown the Egyptian Army in the sea?   How about Abraham, asking him to sacrifice his son?   What about Adam and Eve, after all they had permission to eat of everything else in the Garden!

Regardless of where you stand on the many issues surrounding our obedience to Scripture, you always end up asking certain questions:

Is God’s Word really God’s Word?

Is the Bible really inspired by Him?

Is it relevant for today?

Why do some things no longer apply as they use to?

Would it be right for God to leave us guessing?

NOTE TO SELF: Jesus said that the faithful would experience opposition.   Are you ready for it?

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