Deadliest Catch

I love this program!   The men and women on this program risk life and limb for the sole purpose of catching crabs and making a living.   These fishermen sail into the Bering Sea throughout the year in search of large healthy Ophelia crabs.   In many of the episodes I have watched the weather conditions are horrendous!   The risk is immense and these fishermen are faced with long endless hours of monotonous work, extreme cold, massive waves, hunger, illness and even death.   Without a doubt being a crab fisherman in the Bering Sea is one of the most hazardous jobs in the world.   One small slip into the frigid waters will leave the individual in a hopeless state of hypothermia.   Besides that, there is no guarantee that they will catch anything!

But one-character trait I have observed from the men and women on this program is there selfless sacrifice for the sake of their families.   They are willing to put themselves in harm’s way and endure countless hours of misery for the sake of providing for their loved ones.   We also see this type of trait in those in military service.   Our military service men and women have made the choice to protect our nation and their families by placing themselves on the firing line, and they do this by choice and dedication.

Jesus calls us into the same type of setting: placing ourselves into an uncomfortable or harsh situation for the sake of others.   Crab fishermen do it for income, our military does it in order to protect, we should do it in order to serve others in Christ’ name.   It all seems so simple, but in reality, unless we apply rule number 1 (It’s Not About You), it will never happen.

We also have to remember that Jesus dove headfirst into a deadly situation all for our sake.   He didn’t have to, He chose to, for you and me!   I have to assume that Jesus, knowing the future, must have seen a great worth in placing Himself in that deadly position as compared to allowing us to fall into the future we were heading for.   Jesus chose to place Himself in harm’s way fully knowing that it would cost Him His life but saving ours.   Isn’t it gratitude for this that should be an overwhelming motivator to serve Him in our life?   In His Word, the Scriptures, would it be fair if He misled us?

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