Expect Opposition

As a Christian you will always find opposition just as Jesus did.   There will always be those that chose not to believe in the Scriptures and how they represent God and His character.   Even in the church today we find this.   Currently the United Methodist Church is struggling and striving over various issues of lifestyle.   Questions surface in this debate like; “Isn’t God a loving God?” “Would God really exclude someone from a loving relationship with Himself?” “If so, is God’s word still relevant in the culture today?”

TRUST seems to be the heart of the issue.   Do we really take God at face value and trust in Him or not?   Do we really believe that He can dictate His Word for humankind and deliver it to us in the Holy Scriptures?   Do we believe that His Word is timeless and still applies to life today?   If we really trust Him how can we deny what His Word declares?   Does not trust in God mean trusting in something that we do not comprehend or necessarily agree with?   In the Garden of Gethsemane didn’t Jesus say “Not what I will … but what You will?”   How about us?

Realize this: opposition will come from good hearted well-meaning people that firmly believe in what they are upholding.   For the most part they are not evil or trying to undermine God’s Word, but are people that have been misled, just like in the garden of Eden when Satan asked; “did God really say not to eat from that tree?”   Hence, the introduction of doubt!   Is it possible that many of the disputes in the church today and in our personal lives are simply based on a lack of faith and trust?

You see, trust in God does not come by way of complete understanding, He is incomprehensible.   His ways are much higher than ours.   Trust only comes when we are willing to accept what He says to us and to let it settle in our hearts as in the heart of a trusting little child.   Jesus asked the father to forgive those that were persecuting Him because they didn’t know what they were doing … so what’s changed… nothing that I see …

NOTE TO SELF: I’m as guilty as those that persecuted Jesus, trust in what God has said, not on my own understanding … even when I don’t like what He said …

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2 thoughts on “Expect Opposition”

  1. Nice! Trusting Him also means Trusting His word is truth for today and forever. He does mot change. So many wantbto change the meaning of His word. We must be diligent to stay in the truth.

    Thanks for following my blog, because it led me here.

    Be blessed


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