Stay Away from Mutany

In any walk of holiness and communion with God there is the inevitable reality of mutiny.   As I understand the story of Satan and one third of the angels being kicked out of heaven I see the human tendency towards mutiny against God.   Maybe its pride or selfishness but the problem is there.   I can go along for a while but eventually I want to call the shots and make my own decisions.   After all I have intelligence, wisdom and the ability to reason.   I am an intelligent person, with wisdom and can do for myself.


Ezekiel 28

11 The LORD’s word came to me:  12 Human one, sing a lament for the king of Tyre. Say to him, The LORD God proclaims: You were full of wisdom and beauty, the image of perfection.  13 You were in Eden, God’s garden.  You were covered with gold and every precious stone: carnelian, topaz, and moonstone; beryl, onyx, and jasper; lapis lazuli, turquoise, and emerald.  On the day that you were created, finely crafted pendants and engravings were prepared.  14 You, a winged creature, were installed as a guardian.  I placed you in God’s holy mountain where you walked among the stones of fire.  15 From the day you were created until injustice was found in you, your ways were assured.  16 But because of your trade, your oppressive business practices piled up, and you became impure.  So I expelled you from God’s mountain.  I removed you, winged creature, guardian, from among the stones of fire.  17 You exalted yourself because of your beauty and corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor.  I will cast you down to the earth in the sight of kings, and I will make a spectacle of you.  18 Because of your corrupt trade, which surpassed your many other sins, you made your sanctuaries impure. Therefore, I will bring fire from your midst.  When it has consumed you, I will turn you into dust on the earth in the sight of all who see you.  19 Everyone among the peoples who knows you will be appalled because of you.  You will become a terror. From that time on, you will be nothing.


This scripture account is a difficult one to understand.   The story is about the fall of Satan from Heaven and God’s presence.   Satan had become filled with pride because of who he was and his beauty.   Basically, Satan was “full of himself!”   He had a “tie-tac” too!

It appears from the story that there is only room for one on the throne of Heaven.   In fact not just one but the Holy One!   This story illustrates for me that regardless of how special we are, God is the only One that is supreme.   Nothing is greater than He is, not even me!   So back to the question at hand; is God my captain or not?   AARRRGGG!

NOTE TO SELF: Dude … let God be God … you’re really not that impressive!

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