I remember when I worked for Ford Motor Company in the early 1980s.   I was one of many young hires working in the Customer Service Department answering phones.   This was awesome!   I had hit it big!   I had a college degree behind me, a new job with a prestigious car manufacturer, and a big enough ego to have kept the Titanic afloat.   After all, I had worked hard to gain my education and the world was now my playground.   Ford Motor Company was lucky to have me, or at least that’s what I thought at the time.

Back then it was important for me to look the part of a young aspiring business executive.   I had to wear the right clothes, the right jewelry and more than anything I had to portray the right attitude.   My life at that time … was very much all about me!

As I climbed the corporate ladder I wasn’t concerned about anyone but myself.   I started competing with the others in my office for position and income.   I had to “look” professional and “act” like I had the entire corporation at my fingertips.   This included my family and even more, God.

One day, I made a special trip to the mall to shop for the perfect “tie-tac!”   I wanted one that was gold, not too gaudy and looked like a million dollars but cost less than ten.   The next morning as I adorned myself with the trinket, I remember looking into the mirror feeling like I was Henry Ford himself.   I was quite impressed!

Today more than thirty years has passed.   Just a few days ago I was cleaning out my dresser when I stumbled across that same tie-tac.   It was cheap looking, and the diamond in the center was so small that I could hardly see it, I’m sure there is one in there.   Somehow my ego back then must have magnified it to the enormous proportion I remember.   At Ford, it was all about me!

As a believer in Christ I have to accept that my life is no longer my own.   My life now belongs to Jesus!   It’s what I call the “volunteer Indian-giver.”   Jesus created my life and gave it to me freely but now I have a choice, to hold onto it for my selfish gain or to return it to Christ for His plans and purpose.   The right thing to do is to return it, but the miracle is that when I return it I am blessed tenfold.   There is much more blessing, contentment and joy in living a Christ-centered life than a Joe-centered one!

NOTE TO SELF: Lose the “tie-tac”

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