Is God the Captain?

Let’s settle this once and for all!   Is God the captain of your ship (life) or are you?   In the world we live in we have become use to directing our own lives.   We look out for our own interest and our own long term wellbeing.   We have things like Life Insurance that protect us and our families when someone dies. This caring for our well-being is not sprinkled down from heaven by God, we have to do it!   We have to set up the insurance policies, make the monthly payments and follow through when they come to term or when someone actually dies.   God’s not doing this, I am, and quite frankly I like it this way!   No one looks after number one like number one!   Right?

I like it when God sends me information like the GPS in my phone.   When to turn, how many miles to go and what time I will arrive.   I like it when God looks ahead and watches for roadblocks or dangerous curves. As a Christian I say that God is my Captain and my life is His, but in reality, I struggle with this application.   I am like Peter sinking in the waves as I watch myself and my surroundings instead of focusing on Jesus.   Of course there is another possibility; God is my Co-Captain!

A co-captain is someone I can listen to or not.   I can argue my point without giving in to directions on a particular subject.   A co-captain is an equal and a brother-in-arms. But as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ I have to submit my life, my will to the lordship of Jesus.   I can’t argue my points but instead embrace the divine direction and judgement of Jesus.   Can I do that?   Will I ever do that?   God will You help me do that, or am I doomed to a life of sober mediocracy?

NOTE TO SELF: Chose God … even when you don’t want to!

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